A: We run Adobe Creative Suite on PC and primarily print from .eps or .tiff files.  We accept files in the following formats: .ai, .psd, .eps, .tif, .pdf, .jpg. Please note that .pdf, and .jpg files cannot be edited. 

If you use any program but Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and cannot convert/export files to .EPS or .TIFF files, please convert to .PDF file. This typically includes Quark, InDesign, Corel, and miscellaneous sign programs.

Please build files as close to actual size as possible, or work in 1/2 or 1/4 scale of output size. It is not necessary to build files with extended bleed or crop marks. For best results, submit vector art and raster art in RGB or CMYK.

Font options

Convert all text to outlines or send all font sets included in file. Please provide highest resolution original versions of linked raster images.

We primarily request you convert all fonts to vector outlines or curves, depending on your program.

Feel free to send us the font files, in PC format. MAC fonts are incompatible with our system and therefore will not work.

Image Sharpness

If your graphics are primarily logos, text, and shapes, vector line art .EPS files provide the sharpest images in large format. Vector line art is based off x/y lines, curves and coordinates, you can enlarge the graphic as large as you like without losing resolution.

If your graphics are raster images (jpeg, tiff, bitmap, gif, etc.), please save files at 150-300dpi @ 100% file size for optimum clarity. Size file proportionately if you need to scale the image down, ex: 150dpi @ 100% = 600dpi @ 25%.

Images copied/pasted off the internet typically do not work well for large format.

Banner and Banner Stands

If you would like us to stitch your banners, please leave a 1.25″ bleed.

If you would like us to stitch banner pole pockets, please follow these directions:

  • 4″ extra material required for .5″-.75″ diameter pole
  • 6″ extra material required for 1″ diameter pole
  • 8″ extra material required for 1.5″ diameter pole
  • 9.5″ extra material required for 2″ diameter pole

The bleed for a retractable banner stand can run up to 10″ on the bottom, depending on the type of retractable you have.