HCG Signs, Serving the Texas Hill Country can help take care of the design, fabrication and installation process. Signage is your foremost important part of any business. It is important to display a consistent and parallel brand across the board, and HCG Signs is here to help you maintain that reputation and exposure. By using state of the art technology and excellent customer service we will have your business recognizable to the public with ease!

Channel Letters

For those businesses who want to literally put their name up in lights, Channel Letters are a great option.

Lighting for Channel Letters can be is achieved through LED, Fredericksburg Sign Ordinance makes this type of sign difficult to get approved.

When choosing a style for your business sign, you will have several options. However, many commercial properties will have a preference for Channel Letters. If your lease requires this style, there are many ways of creating the perfect design for your business’ image.

Church Signs

From simple entryway panel or cabinet signs to intricate stone monument structures and even complete campus identification projects, from illuminated or non-illuminated signs, we can answer all of your signage needs.

Dimensional Letters

HCG Signs is a supplier of high quality 3 Dimensional Wall Letters and Graphics. Three-Dimensional letters are made from a variety of materials and in various thicknesses. Metal, Foam, and Plastic letters have a wide variety of applications. A few examples of uses are in lobby areas, trade shows and building signs. We can install them or they can be purchased for customer installation. Three Dimensional letters are great for creating a positive company image.

Directory Signs

As a provider of high quality custom directory signs and lobby directory signs, we can partner with property management specialists and offer a wide range of directory signage that combines elegant design and of use.

Whether you need small office directory signs for a building with just a few offices, or a larger directory sign to accommodate multiple tenants, we have a directory sign solution that meets your functional needs while offering the a well designed directory for a competitive price.

Interior signage

Interior signage is just as important as exterior. Your brand is your thumbprint on the world! Interior signage is an exact solution for communicating and presenting an effective way to direct your customers to your internal location. Your brand is your identity and in order for your customers to find you, your interior signage plays a significant role not only in guiding customers but letting them know, they have arrived!

Lobby Signage

HCG Signs can provide you with interior signage individually crafted to fit its unique space, not only complementing the decor but reinforcing your corporate image. Let our quality craftsmanship and installation expertise help boost your business.

Interior signs in bright colors can dramatically add to your lobby’s decor
The great thing about interior signs? There are so many ways you can make them! Yes, you can always just order a basic plaque with your logo on it. How much better would your logo look in brilliant color with backlighting? What more would that say about your company?

Many business owners don’t realize just how creative they can be with interior signs and what value it adds to the company presentation. Your lobby sign is not just for directing your customers; it tells them how much thought you put into the details. It’s also a great opportunity to show your customers the message of your logo and company. Think of your lobby sign as decorating your office with your name.

Restaurant Menu Signs Boards

You’re getting ready to open your restaurant, and need a large display menu.

Menu Boards Sign come in a variety of displays from outdoor menu boards or complete drive thru designs to indoor boards, digital products or freestanding menu boards, We can supply them in a variety of lighting schemes from backlit, edgelit, non-illuminated and LED lighting options.

Before you order a basic acrylic menu sign, think about what materials you can use. Have you considered using wood or aluminum? What colors will you use? What pictures can you add? How will it fit into your interior decor?

This is a sign where every customer will focus. Your menu should be a showcase of what you offer. The sign company’s design team can help you make the most of it by matching the menu to your interior design and choosing the best style.