Now Hiring Banner


Advertise your employment needs with our durable “Now Hiring” vinyl banner!

Vinyl Now Hiring Banner Product Details:

✅ Pre-Grommeted Mounting Holes ✅ Indoor and Outdoor Use ✅ Fade Resistant ✅ Made in the USA ✅ Outdoor Heavy Duty 13oz. Vinyl

Our banners are made with outdoor grade, 13 oz. vinyl, and provide you with durable, versatile signage that can be used in a number of settings:

Job Fairs:

Use our Now Hiring Banner to promote the event outside on the street, inside as a directional sign, and above your tables. Our signs look fantastic mounted on the front of a standard 6 or 8-foot table.

Grand Openings:

If your new business is just starting up, our now hiring vinyl banner is the perfect way to advertise your hiring needs. With multiple sizes available, you’ll be able to advertise for employees on the side of your building, over the main doors, and even inside. We have a size to fit any space.

Roadside Signage:

Our Now Hiring Banners adapt easily to outdoor use. With pre-set metal grommet holes, they can be attached to frames, hung vertically or horizontally, attached to brackets, or hung from poles.

Directional Signs for Employment Offices:

Guiding applicants to your hiring office can be an obstacle. By purchasing our Now Hiring banners in multiple sizes, you can just tell potential employees to “Look for the “Now Hiring” signs, and direct them through large facilities or business parks. They’re easy to take down and re-hang – and available whenever you’re ready to hire.

Booth signage:

Our Vinyl Now Hiring Banner make effective and portable signage for your booth. Let customers know that you also have job openings by hanging one of our signs. Often, current customers make great employees – or can refer them your way.

No matter where you use them, the portability of your Now Hiring vinyl banner allows you to catch the most traffic and views. As your needs change, nothing offers the adaptability of a banner. If zoning changes or construction make it necessary to move your sign – simply take it down, roll it up, and relocate it to a better spot.

Why choose our banners?


HCG banners are made with pride in the USA and can be adapted to indoor or outdoor use. Some of our helpful features include:

Pre-set grommet holes for easy mounting. Grommets are metal eyelets that are set into the hemmed edges of our vinyl banners. These grommets are a key feature in what makes your sign so versatile. Your banner can be hung with a variety of hangers: nails, bungee cords, removable hooks, screws, metal hooks, ropes, cords, zip ties or clips.

The larger the sign, the more grommets are used. This ensures that your new now hiring vinyl banner sign will stay put, stay level, and won’t sag in the middle after it’s hung.
We use heavy 13-ounce vinyl for our banners. This is a cost-effective, yet durable thickness for signs. The weight is determined by how much a square yard of the fabric weighs – in this case, 13 ounces.

We print with long-lasting inks that are good for up to 5 years of outdoor use without fading. If you’ll be using your Now Hiring banner inside, they’ll stay fresh for as long as you need them.

Glossy finishes give our vinyl banners that extra punch of color and the crisp digital printing looks sharp and professional.